Radical Devotion, meditative music from Norway and Sweden.

Radical Devotion has been around since 2008 with concerts, chanting and sound healing.
Trond Erland Sigvartsen and Linda Grahn is the core of Radical Devotion, which at times with several musicians.
Radical Devotion plays at numerous yoga events, festivals, concerts etc.

The music is directed toward stillness and meditation.
A space, where the human, earthly life can meet subtle dimensions.
Admittedly, there is the aim to sooth and calm the stress of modern life, contribute to healing and support
the path of expansion of consciousness and growth. And finely rest in the very being of the self. 
This is communicated through songs and mantras in concerts and in sound healing .
The music can be relaxing, uplifting, comforting, joyous, encouraging, inspiring and meditative.


Kirtan, Bhajan, Mantra singing
We sing easy sing-along songs together and create an opportunity to connect for healing and joy.

Chanting and Naad (vibrational harmony through sound frequencies which the Infinite can be experienced) is an opportunity to encounter spiritual energy.
Come and sing along, or just listen and rest in a good atmosphere.
Together we sing clarifying, soothing and uplifting songs. You do not have to be a great singer.
The focus is what happens to energies when we sing
these sacred songs.
Mantra can awaken memories of unity.
The flow of thoughts subsides, tensions slip away and one can experience spontaneous affectionate joy, clarity and wellness. Mantra is a part of yoga and has been chanted for thousands of years.

Meditative concert of spiritual songs and mantras
Join a meditative, musical journey with Radical Devotion in a landscape filled with nutritious nectar.
A space to meet the subtle and spiritual dimensions of healing and joy. 
An opportunity to relax, get in touch with the heart or just rest in the music and its message.

Sound healing
Healing sound frequencies that may affect us physical, psychological, mental and spiritual.
Sound can contribute to healing and act as a tool for spiritual self-development.
Healing mantras, drum journeys, deep relaxation, toning, tibetan singing bowls etc. 

Kundalini Yoga with live music
Body movement, concentration, meditation, breathing techniques and mantras with live music.
Yogi Bhajan brought kundaliniyoga with him from India to the West and put together a system for our time.
We carry the legacy of techniques, knowledge and wisdom.

Yoga for body, mind and soul with live music


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